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Playa del Carmen inspired Halloween costumes

Playa del Carmen inspired Halloween costumes

Day of the Dead alters in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya

October 31 to November 2 are important holidays in Mexico. The expates in the community gather at various locations for some fun filled Halloween parties. The costumes are outragous, creative, detailed and extraordinary. Halloween has been a popular event in the Playa del Carmen area for many years as it hooks onto the Mexican celebrates for Day of the Dead, a traditional and cultural celebration of the dead in all parts of Mexico. Day of the Dead honors the dead, with families creating alters for dead relatives who are invited back into the home for sweet bread, fruit, and the dead relatives favorite foods. Orange marigolds are everywhere creating petal paths and decorating homes and tombstones of the dead. Families also visit local cemetaries to pay respect to the dead as the afterlife is what life is worth living for in the Mexican culture.

Let Playa del Carmen inspire your Halloween costume

We are inspired by Playa every day but when thinking about a Halloween costume, we got a bit giddy and excited about a Playa del Carmen Halloween costume. If you can not be with us for halloween and the Day of the Dead, let your Playa del Carmen vacation inspire your costume. We have found some interesting Playa inspired costumes that you can use for Halloween. The photos are below and we think they are all a great idea! From margaritas to Corona, tacos to pinatas, there are many ideas that will make you feel, Playa-ish.

Playa del Carmen Halloween costumes

Playa del Carmen Halloween costumes - HOtel Cielo

Great Day of the Dead make up job!


Mexican Palm tree halloween costume - Hotel Cielo

This palm tree costume can be for kids or a grown up! It is easy to make but remember the coconuts!

We all know the Mariachi bands that fill the streets of Playa del Carmen on 5th Ave. This is your chance to wear the pants and the jackets with the great silver or gold medalions!

The Caribbean on the shores and beaches of Playa del Carmen is full of puffer fish (white fish) and trigger fish (blue fish) so this ocean inspired halloween costume is great for the Riviera Maya.

Be the Mayan goddess Ixchel for Halloween. This female Mayan god can be in honor of December 21, 2012.


Mayan Halloween costume in playa del Carmen- Hotel Cielo

For the guys, dress as a Mayan warrior with feathers and leather!! Another tribute to December 21, 2012

This is a super fun and creative costume. Pinata girl is a sexy and fun costume that is sure to turn some heads! You can make a full body pinata or like this photo just a head dress shaped as a pinata. Make sure that no one comes after you with a stick!

Now this is too funny. A taco Halloween costume! YOu could be a beef taco, chicken taco, shrimp taco or taco pastor! Take your pick!


chili pepper halloween costume - Hotel Cielo

This is a red chili Halloween costume but if you got together with your friends you could be a line up of chili’s, habanero, serrano, poblano, jalapeno, and a banana pepper…


Sun halloween costume - Hotel Cielo

The best halloween costume that is inspired by Playa del Carmen is this sun Halloween costume. If you can not join us for the three days of fun in Playa October 31 to November 2 at least feel the heat and sun of Playa where ever you may be.

Other Halloween costumes that will remind your of Playa del Carmen

If you are feeling creative and are looking for something a bit different for your Halloween costume, think about going out as a beach umbrella, the Saint of Guadalupe, the ocean, a palapa hut with grass roof and all! Send us your photos of your Playa del Carmen inspired Halloween costume or post it on our new Facebook page!


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