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Playa del Carmen super foods for a healthy vacation!

So you made some lofty New Years Resolutions and now you are afraid to go on vacation in case you break your super food habit, and fall off the resolution wagon. Well, do we have news for you. Playa del Carmen has a host of super foods that will actually help you achieve your health goals while on vacation not hinder them…beer by the way is not a super food, but tequila is so you can have a few drinks in the evening and still be healthy. Our New Years resolution was not as lofty, we have a beach resolution, but we support and admire those who will be eating super foods to recharge their life!

10 super foods available in Playa del Carmen

popeye eats super foods from Playa del Carmen Mexico

Okay, here you go. All of these foods are easily found in small grocery stores and the brand name super stores. Luckily, you will find three major grocery stores within walking distance of Hotel Cielo, so your vacation health will be easy to maintain. If you are staying at an all inclusive resort, teh stores are a bit harder to get to and you will have far more temptations. Keep this list handy for the overly large buffet that awaits you and just choose the foods that are on this list! Tequila is included (in moderation)

1.  Blueberries- a bit harder to find but achievable. Blueberries and Raspberries are grown in the state of Jalisco and shipped over the Quintana Roo. It is big business over there and we get the fruit of their labor!

2.  Guavas – you may know this fruit from the many jams that are produced from this yellow tree fruit. They are super powered and easy to eat!

3.  Chaya – A mayan spinach that is delicious, more fibrous that regular spinach and is medicinal in nature. Great for digestion and you will find a Chaya juice at Carboncitos for your breakfast or snack!

4.  Chai seeds, yes the real macoy….not just a starbucks coffee or latte, this is chai seeds that you can eat, sprinkle or blend. The Aztecs have used this seed for extra protein and fast energy!

5.  Cabbage purchased for peanuts, really….Cabbage is alkaline so you will lower your aciditic levels in your body, which is a good thing.

6.  Coconut either fresh or in fresh pressed oil – the fruit of the gods. Coconuts will keep you more hydrated than any sport drink, will protect your gut from animals that you dont want in there and it is good stuff!

7.  Papaya – put a little chile and lime on your papaya and go full on Mexican. Love papaya and the seeds are also a great way to ward off any gut bugs. Vitamin C galor and antioxidants. Payapa in Mexico is not a GMO fruit. Ancient seeds and local seeds are used to grow papayas right here in Quintana Roo. Wish we could say the same thing for Hawaii, but alas, they have gone the GMO route for their papaya trees.

8.  Honey or bee pollen – again can be purchased everywhere and there are guys on the street that pass by the hotel regularily. HOney in this state of mexico is organic. The bees that make our honey locally can not exist in a polluted environment so farmers and families do not use pesticides anywhere where honey is produced so they can keep the bees alive. In this case, that is about 70% of the state.

9.  Dragon Fruit….ohhhh my favorite but only available in the summer months…but the best in the world and though thought to be expensive here, at 30 pesos a kilo (4 pieces of fruit) a staple for all families. Pitahaya is what the Maya call Dragon fruit and it is again found everywhere but in the summer months only.

10.  Chiles of any type…I am in the process of creating a chile muffin….yummmmmm

Spread the word that Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya is the home of Super foods…your Riviera Maya vacation will only get better when you eat this local foods! Did you notice that we did not put Cacao on the list!! That super delicious food will be coming up! There are some new artisanal chocolate shops in town with 100% cacao truffles….oh la la!


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