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7 more things to do on a Sunday in Playa del Carmen

Our beach resolution for 2013 has inspired us to look beyond Playa and within Playa del Carmen for things to do on a Sunday. For us, this could be any day of the week, but Sundays are Fundays and makes it just that much better when you take a bit of time to yourself on a Sunday.

We had posted 7 things to do on Sunday in Playa del Carmen but felt that this list was incomplete. So we are adding 7 more things to do on a Sunday.

1.  BY YOUR PARTNER FLOWERS This takes little effort and says a ton.  Whether you live here or are visiting, it is a nice and super thoughtful thing to do and goes miles.  And dont think that is if for the BF to buy for the GFs.  Women can buy men flowers and all can enjoy.  Just do it!

2.  GO TO THE BEACH Oh the Mexican Caribbean.  Need I say more…spend the day at the beach, any beach…and just enjoy the people, the sand, the sound of the waves.

3.  HAVE BRUNCH There are so many great places to have Brunch on Sundays in Playa del Carmen.  There is something to be said about bacon, pancakes, eggs, fruit, coffee and dessert in the middle of the day, reading, chatting and just having fun.

4.  GO FOR A SWIM.  This can be done in the ocean, in a cenote, or if you have a pool on the property where you live, or are staying, swim…swim, swim, swim.

5.  DO A TOUR.  Think of doing ATV’s, the Fat Cat catamaran, anything that is new for you and have not tried!  You dont have to think about it, everything is planned for you, just show up and let someone else do all the work, while  you enjoy.

6.  TRY SCUBA DIVING  Never tried scuba diving…well you are in the perfect place.  I have to say there are many people who live here and have never tried it, there are even more who are visiting and dont even know that you can try scuba diving safely and just have an experience with an instructor without having to commit to the entire certification course.

7.  CALL HOME  Just call and say hi….it is always nice to say hey and catch up.  Skype is a great way to go and costs pennies.  check it out.

So those are our suggestions for SUNday/FUNday…really it does not matter if you live here or if you are visiting…all of these suggestions apply….

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