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Receive 20%+ OFF ALL YEAR LONG for our 20th!
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Happy New Year!! Playa del Carmen was hopping New Years Eve!

Happy New Year everyone! News Years day and new Years eve was an eventful time in Playa del Carmen but we brought in the New Year on the Hotel Cielo Rooftop! This celebration had all of us away from the parties that seemed to be endless all over town and provided all of us, guests, staff and the friends, a little oasis away from it all.

The conversation seemed to surround what life in Playa del Carmen is like as a resident, not a guest and an interesting observation was made. We don’t go to the beach enough! We live in paradise and we forget, really, forget to go to the beach. So we are making a New Year’s Beach resolution, not just a resolution, but a beach resolution. We will go to the beach at least once a week and if we can really get good at that, then we will go for one hour a day.

Beach Resolutions are healthier than all the other New Year’s resolutions!

So being the researchers we are, we looked up what the benefits of taking time out on the beach would be. It sounds a bit odd to be making a beach resolution for 2013 but what we discovered was worth talking about. When people went to the beach for a break studies show that you will be more productive, more focussed and less stressed if you take a break as much as you can. Wow! Productivity will go up really? But what about all that stuff we did not get done while we were loafing around at the beach? It will all get done and get done better and faster after a break!

So January 1, 2013 we started our Beach resolution and went to the beach for an hour! We are trying the once a week test and will see what results we end up with. Did we feel better after the first hour? You betcha! Being a guineau pig for our scientific research is not a bad thing and maybe you should think of joining our research team! Block out a three day weekend, just try it and see what happens when you take a beach break for three days. We will come and join you for an hour a day and see what the result is. Check out our availablity and see if you can squeeze in a three day weekend a Hote Cielo guineau pig and test this more productive theory with us.


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