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7 reasons to visit Playa del Carmen – Staff and guest ideas


This information is a result of a typical day at Hotel Cielo. A guest had one day to experience Playa del Carmen, and everyone pitched in to tell them their favorite thing to do. What resulted is a great list of 7 reasons you should visit Playa del Carmen, stated by our front line staff and guests. Love it! This is first hand information from people who live and visit here.
1. Visit a cenote and hang out in the jungle. Miguel our day receptionist is passionate about the cenotes. There is a list of about 5 great cenotes and you can pick one or all of them depending on the amount of time you have. Dos Ojos, Gran cenote, Cenote Azul, Ponderosa or Casa cenote. Each one is different but all of them are great.
2.Spend the day on the beach. One of our guests loves the ocean and their favorite thing to do is walk down the street and walk the beach. Lunch is spent at either Wicki’s, Zenzi’s, Indigo beach or Canibal Royal where you can sip on a cold one, watch the waves and have a nap.
3. Go diving. Jimmy did have a great suggestion and whether you are certified or not, you can have a scuba experience in the Mexican Caribbean. Certified divers can go and see the turtles or the wreck with a second dive full of diverse coral and lots of tropical fish. Non certified divers can conduct a class with an instructor called Discover scuba and have a trial dive in the ocean to a maximum of 40 feet. If you were here a few days, you could dive the cenotes as a certified diver and see one part of the longest mapped cave in the world.
4. Visit Xcaret, the discovery park. A guest goes back to Xcaret again and again. They find that in one day they get a great overview of the land, literally, the ocean and the Mayan culture during the night show. Xcaret is a large park located in the jungle and on the ocean, and has been compared to a natural Disney world. Xcaret has successfully gathered the magic of the Riviera Maya in one location so that guests can walk the jungle, swim in the ocean, and experience a dinner theater that explains Mayan history through dance and sport.
5. Chill. This was an interesting explanation from a guest but received a lot of nods all the way around. He was saying that the reason he comes to Playa del Carmen is to chill. He finds the people to be super relaxed, that atmosphere stress free and likes the fact that he can just chill. His perfect day is to walk down 5th ave early and stop for a coffee at either Ah Cocao or Chez Celine. He then returns to his room for breakfast and reads a book on the balcony. When he feels like it, or not, he makes his way to the beach and reads some more. His day ends with a dinner at a local restaurant and then an early bed. Now that is a vacation!
6. Tacos on 30th ave. There are lots of taco places on 30th ave and our second receptionist suggested this for a our visitors Mexican experience in Playa del Carmen. Tacos pastor is a long time favorite of many, and when the tacos were being explained, everyone’s mouth started to water. There are many restaurants to choose from and for a real experience it was suggested that you have two tacos at each restaurant. Don’t expect white table clothes and wine glasses. This is the real thing, plastic tables and all, but some of the best mexican food you will have. If there is cochinita pibil on the menu, make sure you taste it.
7.Yoga, all day…This came from our staff member at Casa de las Olas in Tulum who lives in Playa. Maria suggested a yoga day, doing kundalini in the morning,  vinyasa flow yoga at noon and ending the day with a long hatha yoga class. All of this is available in Playa del Carmen and the studios offer many classes per day. We know why Maria is in Playa del Carmen and she loves the yoginis she has met and the variety of teachers that have deepened her yoga practice.
So there you have it straight from our guests and staff. Playa del Carmen has something for everyone and out of this list everyone can find their passion in this little beach town.
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