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Vacations can boost creativity and work – Try Playa del Carmen

We are inspired each day by our business due to its location, the people we meet and the new solutions we create each and every day. It is work but our work day is never, ever the same. This changing work day never has us lose our creativity, our desire or our inspiration, but we know that not everyone is as lucky as we are.

We never thought of vacations as a way to boost your creativity and productivity but we just came across an excellent video that tells you just that. Now we need to put in a disclaimer. This video talks about talking a year off, and if you can do that, great. But little mini vacations or work breaks can be more productive than not, and we love what is said in this video. It is a video from, a favorite channel that we love to watch as it provides a range of information that interests us. This video fell into our lap, and we loved it!

It is amazing what a break can do for you, your inspiration and your motiviation. When we are feeling uninspired, we go to the beach. After a few hours of a break, we are ready to roll! Sometimes a mini break can make everything go away, our path seems clearer and solutions are found faster.

Have a look at this video. (click on the image to get to the video) Once you have seen it, check out the hotel as our spot in Playa del Carmen may just become your go-to inspiration point a few times a year.

vacation time makes you more productive - Playa del Carmen Hotels

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