Revolution Day celebrations in Playa del Carmen – November 20

What we love about Playa del Carmen is the local events that celebrate the culture and history of Mexico. The 20th of November is a huge holiday here in Mexico with events happening through out the country to celebrate the Mexican Revolution that started in 1910 and lasted until 1920. What began as a revolt in the early years of 1910 led to a civil war that ended in 1920.Mexican uprising did not stop in 1920 as the War of the Cristeros happened very close after the closure of the Revolution, another civil war that contested the abolishment of religion in Mexico, a war that was won by the Cristeros who fought for religious freedom in Mexico.

What the Mexican Revolution did bring to the Mexican people was the final draft of the Mexican Constitution finished in 1917 and a clearer definition of personal rights and freedoms for all Mexican citizens.

Celebrations November 20 on the streets of Playa del Carmen

The morning of November 20, the festival day that celebrates the Mexican Revolution, was a busy day in Playa with hundreds of school kids forming a parade that traveled through the streets of Playa. This was not just another parade, this was a 3 to 4 hour parade that started at 34th street and went all the way to the Municipal office located at 8th street. Hundreds and hundreds of kids, from schools, bands, sports associations, and more organized their groups well in advance to celebrate El Dia de Revolucion en Playa! This is a day of the people, that symbols Rights and freedoms for Mexican citizens and all of these kids were ready to celebrate!

Photos from the Revolution Day Parade – a local Playa del Carmen event

School parade in Playa del Carmen - local events


School parade in Playa del Carmen - local events
School parade in Playa del Carmen – local events


Playa del Carmen events, Playa del Carmen celebrations
Playa del Carmen events, Playa del Carmen celebrations


Check what is happening in Playa del Carmen for the month of December 2012. November was packed with things to do, Taste of Playa, Local celebrations for the Mexican Revolution, Jazz Festival and much more. December events  in Playa del Carmen are listed here!

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