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Playa del Carmen Vacations – changing perceptions and attitudes

Yes we offer hotel accomodations in Playa del Carmen but our job goes much deeper than that. Time and time again we are learning that our job is to change perceptions, change attitudes and bring a real experience to our guests so they truly understand what Mexico is, what if offers and why so many people choose to live and work in this great country.

Where is all of these thoughts coming from? We re-read a guest review lately, that speaks directly to this topic. When we first started reading the review we were a bit worried. The guest speaks about taking one of our recommendations to eat at a very local, authentic Mexican restaurant on 30th Ave in Playa del Carmen. This is where we like to eat and this is how we live on a daily basis. We love to share these secret gems and for a minute we thought that our guest had a less than authentic experience. Read the orginal review here but we will summarize it for you. The reviewer started out saying that the owner of Hotel Cielo sent us out to the back streets of Playa del Carmen to experience something different. He continued on by saying he was scared, his wife was scared and when they arrived at the restaurant did not want to go in. The reviewer questioned the owners motivation, wanted to turn around, but the couple decided to step in the door and then flipped the entire review into a wonderful story about how their dinner was a great surprise, the staff at the restaurant was superb, that they had a great meal and know understood the reason why so many people love Mexico. Their attitude going in was an attitude they had gleaned from the media. The attitude going out was gleaned from a real live experience, which the reviewer clearly said was polar opposite to what he thought was going to be.

Mayan Riviera is full of gifts, delights and treasures with award winning vacations!

Out of the three North American countries, we are not sure why Mexico gets the label of the middle child, the black sheep or the dunce. The experience that we have as residents has been more than positive, hence why we live here. The experiences that our guests have, those who decide to venture to the south despite the warnings from our neighbors to the north, are even more positive then ours as a guest has more time to roam and play than we do. Why or why are people afraid. This is where are job becomes not just hotel service provider but attitude changer, not as an intentional force but through great recommendations, sharing of our favorite places and sharing of unique stories that captivates and changes attitudes of visitors. We are the on ground media that presents the real story and shares real experiences, not press release driven stories or hyper grandiose exaggerations about all of Mexico or about all Mexicans. We see the real deal, and we experience the real Mexico and we just want to share our experiences with others.

Confirming the beauty of Mexico and the Mayan Riviera

Amazing things to do and see in the mayan riviera Flamingos

One guest came on a road trip with us the other day and was like a kid in a candy store after seeing thousands of flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico, watching a community store in the Yucatan cut and smoke pork, some of the best pork he has ever had. The photos, the experience, the stories he has are ones that he continues to share with others and will become forever stories. His comment after that little road trip, ‘That was the most amazing day, ever!’ Now when have you ever heard that lately?

Take a walk on a different path and discover for yourself the great gifts that Mexico, the Mayan Riviera and Playa del Carmen have to offer. A little attitude shift can go a long way and we are happy to show you the real Mexico, its beauty, its pleasures and its gems.

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