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Playa del Carmen vacation – it is the small things that count

There is a famous quote, the devil is in the details and though we are NOT the devil we sure do love the details. Any hotel can provide a bed, a roof and some towels. Any tour guide can take you to a destination site and walk you around. Anyone can serve up a cup of coffee, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. But not everybody looks closely at the details of each of these experience. Not everybody takes the time to think through the little details that will make every moment, just that much better.

Details, details, details…

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #1 – on a hot day after traveling all day be greeted with cold towels, cold water and a big smiling face. No matter what happened out there, it will all be forgotten as soon as  you set your bags in your room.

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #2 – Beach towels for all! Big glorious beach towels that you don’t have to carry around in your suitcase so you have room for more clothes or save money on the extra baggage.

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #3 – Private roof top with a view of the ocean, drinks served when you need them, lounge chairs, super cool bathroom, peace and quiet and only accessible by hotel guests. No one else can enjoy the roof top terrace but YOU! Wifi reaches to the rooftop, waiters just seem to appear and we have done wedding ceremonies as well in this great location.

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #4 – Front of house staff, whether it be in the hotel or in Carboncitos, is full of great vacation and tour suggestions to take the guessing out of your vacation plans. Talk to them through email before you come or check out your options when you arrive. They are helpful, know a lot and you can book almost about anything through them.

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #5 – Shampoo and Conditioner in your rooms which are made locally, do not hurt the planet and we have to say, it excellent stuff. We thought long and hard over this one and we really like it!

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #6 – Great, great beds, not just good beds, great great great beds. Check out our explanation and customer reviews of our beds on this post. If there is one thing that we really focused on was your nights sleep. That is what we do right, provide you with a place to sleep, and it would suck if our beds did not provide you with that.

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #7 – Beach 2 steps away. We did not plan this, we have to thank mother nature for this one. But it is a slight little detail that makes a very big difference to your stay. Whether you want to sit on the beach, walk on the beach or just see if from afar, you can. And man is it bea-u-ti-ful!

Playa del Carmen Vacation Detail #8 – Super cool, great accommodating and gracious staff who really get that you are on vacation. They really do and each one of them whether it be the waiters, the front desk, the maintenance team or the cleaning staff, they rock it out for you each and every day. They smile all the time, they love to make you happy and most importantly they really love what they do. And it shows. We could not do this without them!

Come and stay. Let us know your favorite vacation detail

Playa del Carmen vacations Riviera Maya - Hotel Cielo
This could be you in Playa del Carmen in 2012

Give it a shot. Take a leap and book a room and see what a small hotel that believes in the details feels like. If you have stayed with us before, let others know your favorite detail at Hotel Cielo. This is only 8 Playa del Carmen Vacation Details and we know there are more. Post it on Facebook and let others know which was your favorite detail that really made your vacation or Playa del Carmen experience.

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