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Playa del Carmen events in October & November 2012


It is October 1 so that means, fall is here, events in Playa del Carmen are starting this month and we are pumped for a fun filled, jammed packed event calendar for the next 60 days, at least. Thank goodness the kids are back in school, work is manageable and the next vacation dreaming session has begun. Hmmmm, see if any of these event inspire you or prompt an impromtu getaway that could save you before the holidays

October in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Riviera Maya events

Weather – October is a great month in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen. With fall setting in, the nights are cooler and the days are sunny. Average temperatures are 30 C in the day, 26 C at night and a chilly 22 C in the morning. The ocean is calm due to more north winds and swimming in the ocean is glorious as ocean temps still register at 25 to 27 C.

Prices – if you want deals from the airlines, the hotels and the stores, this is the time to be in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Most businesses are operating at low season rates so tyically you can have up to 35% off a high season room rate. Now that is one good reason to come for a visit.

October Events in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya 2012

October is filled with fun events that attract both visitors and locals. National events like Day of the Dead are the high point of the month. Add halloween which is a very popular evening on the coast in every city with a few special evenings held by local businesses and October is getting pretty full for fun things to do. What you will find in October is that you will meet more people who live and work in the region at events as there seems to be more to time to play in October that other busier months, so if you want to act like a local and get into the local groove this is the month to do it.

October 3-7 – Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival in Playa del Carmen. This unique event is 4 days and nights of films in various languages with after parties and lecctures for the film buff. If you did not have time for the Cannes Film festival or TIFF in Toronto, came and check this out and have the added bonus of the beach.

October 6 – Fundraiser and Dog wash for Playa Animal Rescue. If you wanted to make a part of your vacation a volunteer-cation this is the event to join. Many locals are involved in the pet focused organizations in town and this is one fundraiser with more coming up for Coco’s Cat rescue in November. Join in the fun, be a volunteer, meet some locals and feel a part of the Playa community.

October 9 – Alejandro Sanz Concert – This internationally recognized singer is a heart throb and amazing performer that has won number Grammies. The concert is in cancun, a quick bus ride from Playa del Carmen. A super fun night and a chance to see an internationlly acclaimed rock star in his home country!

October 30 – Xcaret Day of the Dead celebrations and events – This event starts October 30 and runs to November 2, 2012. Xcaret comes alive in the events with cultural activities that knocks your socks off. If you have dreamed of participating in Day of the Dead events this is the one to go to.

October 31 – Halloween – Bars along the coast and in the city of Playa del Carmen will be full of costumes and drink specials to celebrate this adult fun evening. Locals work for months on their costumes to  win prizes and be the highlight of the evening. Be prepaerd to do the rounds and check out the innovative costumes that people wear. Bring your costume for this night as you will be out of place if you dont have one. Carboncitos will be all dressed up the evening so get ready!

Live music in October 2012 – Every night Wah Wah beach club has live music on the beach, Zenzi Beach Club has various bands through out the week in their beach bar including salsa and salsa classes.  Every Thursday Bad Boys continues their live music tradition at 5 pm when the sun starts to set and people come off the beach. Grab dinner with us and then head down to get your dose of live music.

Every Thursday in October – Off the Vine has thier wine tasting and pairing event where sommelier and local distributor Ricardo Garcia Gaxiola takes you through a wine tasting of mexican wines that will end up being a forever memory. He is inspiring, knowledgable and informative. His mexican wine list is enough to blow anyone away. Try it out and find out what great wine is all about from teh various regions of Mexico.

November Events in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya 2012

This is the month to travel to Playa del Carmen! Check this out, Day of the Dead, Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, Taste of Playa Food Festival and the OH! Food Workshop in Tulum for those looking for something intimate, educational and delicious.

November 1 – Day of Dead celebrations continue in the Municipal square and Xcaret. As the official Day of the Dead, you will find various places where alters have been set up and flowers, food and alcohol is provided for the gods. The alters are quite interesting and some very elaborate so it is worth the cruise through the side and back streets of Playa del Carmen to check out what people have created.

November 18 – Taste of Playa – In its 5th year, Taste of Playa is the regional food festival for the Riviera Maya where you can sample up to 40 restaurants in one event. Prices are cheap, the food is good, restaurants put on their best show and the entire city shows up to celebrate the various culinary experience of Riviera Maya restaurants.

November 22-24 – Riviera Maya jazz Festival – This is the 10th anniversay of the Jazz Festival and the entire event is free to the public. The line up is impressive and all main events are on the beach! If you have missed previous years dont miss this years blow out Festival!

November 30-Dec 5 – OH! Food Workshop in Tulum – This is a Hartwood restaurant and Casa de las Olas creation that states ‘sustainability you can eat’ If you are interested in learning about sustainable cooking tecniques and practices while staying in a sustainable property that does not miss a luxury beat this is the workshop for you! Download their brochure and check out this one of a kind sustainable food workshop.

Stay and Play in Playa del Carmen with us!

Rest assured you can hang with us at Hotel Cielo and find out more events when you arrive. Miguel Angel and Abraham are in the know, so find out from them what else is going on during October and November 2012 in Playa del Carmen. If you are already convinced that you need or want a break, come on down and hang with us for a week or two or three…….or four…….or more! Plan your day over your discounted breakfast at Carboncitos and join in the fun, fun that we have year round.


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