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Playa del Carmen beach club review – Canibal Royal

Playa del Carmen food vendors recommended to visitors

A big part of your vacation in Playa del Carmen is finding the best beach club that fits your taste, your desire, your needs and what you want to have at your finger tips when hanging on the beach in the shores of the Caribbean. Everyone has a different idea as to what a good beach club is so we want to provide some reviews of that many beach clubs that are available in Playa del Carmen.

Canibal Royal beach club review – beach, food, and cocktails

This is a popular beach club at Coco beach, to the north of Hotel Cielo and the last beach club on the Playa del Carmen beach. Located at the end of 46th street, tucked away in front of the Elements condos, and to the north of the boating area, this club is cool, chic and a local hang out as it is away from the busy portions of Mamitas and Kool Beach.

What do people love about Canibal Royal? The walk is a great walk down 5th Ave to 46th street. If you prefer to take the beach route, this is an option as well. The club has a restaurant with fusion mixed food, great cocktails, chill music and lots of beach and lounge chairs. The ocean is glorious, but all beaches in the Riviera Maya are glorious and you will be hanging with a mixed crowd which always makes the experience that much richer, eventful and wonderful.

The Canibal Royal experience is a food experience

All we can say is great fusion cuisine! Really. Creative, fresh, inventive and wonderful. Like Carboncitos, our hotel restaurant, there is a swing towards Mexican flavors with a twist. In this case the twist is towards Asian Pacific fusion. Have a look at the photos and tell us if these dishes are appealing and would be a great option for a snack on the beach.







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