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Paris in Playa del Carmen? The French are doing what they do best!

Playa del Carmen french restaurants - Hotel Cielo

About a year ago Celine and her team of French pastry chefs arrived in Playa del Carmen from Provence, France. We think they brought them about a thousand or so recipes from the area, some french flour (there is a difference really) and just a great concept for visitors! They rock it and we have the waistline to prove it! No more Chez Celine for us for a while, or at least not until I have next croissant fit, which could end up being….right…now!

French bakery in Playa del Carmen

People ask where we go to eat, to drink, to chill as full time residents of Playa del Carmen. Well Chez Celine is one of those places that we like to hang out for a coffee, a treat or a chat. Located at 34th street and 5th Ave it is a nice walk from 4th Street and 5th and they open at 8 am so a perfect timing for your first cup of coffee of the day!

Now, remember this, they are closed on Monday! Don’t make the same mistake that we did, get up dreaming of a croissant, coffee latte and a quiet read of the paper only to find that they are closed! Monday is the day of rest for the French and a well deserved day off might we add as they are rocking the pastry world the other 6 days a week (and lunch world and dinner world)

The only way to experience Chez Celine in Playa del Carmen online…

So we want to share with you what we love about Chez Celine. Steve Jobs did not add the olfactory experience to the computer..shame really but you would be running to Playa if that was the case! Like Chez Celine on Facebook (all photos are from their Facebook page) and follow their Parisian/Provence creations online until you can…taste..the….croissant….melting……..your…mouth.(or any other pastries for that matter)

French croissants in Playa del Carmen at Chez Celine


French pastries in Playa Del Carmen - Hotel Cielo


French tarts and cooking in the Riviera Maya - Hotel Cielo


French pastries from Provence in Playa del Carmen


We know excellence when we see it and these pastries and sweet treats are heaven. Now if they were producing Mexican food we would be up for a cook off with Celine and her team, but they have the best croissants and French bistro food hands down. Like Chez Celine on Facebook for your French cravings and like Carboncitos for your Mexican cravings. Two different worlds, two different styles of cooking but the same city! Go to love the multicultural diversity of the Riviera Maya!

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