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Our favorite customer requests that we share – Hotel Cielo


We do get a zillion customer request from our hotel guests and most of them we can share. We thought that if we shared these requests with you, you could find out what people are requesting, what they find the need or want while on vacation and get some ideas for your next vacation to Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Customer requests at Hotel Cielo

Beach towels – Many people do request beach towels, and we do have them! Take them on your tours, save the suitcase space and know that there are beach towels waiting for you at Hotel Cielo

Can we drink the water? Tap water drinking is not recommended but we do have water throughout the hotel that is in public areas that is drinking water. Purified water is located on all floors of the hotel so fill up your steel water bottles as much as you want.

Can we host an event at Hotel Cielo? Weddings, cocktail parties, pre-wedding dinners and birthday parties have been celebrated on the roof top patio at Hotel Cielo. Let us know in advance, we will work with you to make sure the budget and ambiance is what you want and viola! consider it done.

Money exchange – US dollars are not readily accepted any longer in Mexico. We suggest that you exchange your money at one of the local banks (bring your passport and know there is a limit per day you can exchange) or use your ATM card for the best rate of exchange. The daily limit is 3000 to 5000 pesos per day so be aware that you may be to hit the ATM a few times.

Dinner reservations – Happy to make any reservations that you need and or want. The Front reception staff has all the special services at their fingertips so just ask. They would be super happy to help or make some suggestions. Not all restaurants take reservations and some restaurants require reservations. If you are guest of the hotel, a reservation at Carboncitos always puts you to the front of the line.

Safety – Like any city, there are good areas and bad areas. Night time walking on the beach is to be done with caution (like Miami or any beach for that matter). Late at night after midnight always be cautious no matter where you are. There is no where in downtown Playa del Carmen that we find unsafe, you need to get out of town for that and even then, we have never had any issues. The Riviera Maya is a safe place and we are thankful for that.

Can you do laundry for us – Laundry is a interesting business in Playa del Carmen as many households do not have washing machines. You will find many laundry mats around the corner from the hotel that provide laundry service for 12 pesos per kilo (1 usd for 2.2 pounds of laundry) super inexpensive and it is done within 24 hours. If you pay a few pesos more you may get done even faster.

Room service from Carboncitos – Sure just let us know what you want and when you want it and we are happy to bring your meal up to your room. That is simple and easy

Doctor? Of course. We can call the doctor to see you at the Hotel or you can visit one of the local hospitals that provide great service. The private hospitals in town are great and in some cases better than many north of the

Consulates for US or Canada – There are Consulate offices for both the US and Canada in Playa del Carmen. They are satellite offices that deal with emergencies and non-emergencies. Our dealings with them have been super positive and they are extremely helpful if you lose your passport, require help or just have a question.

How do I get rid of my sunburn – Mayan clay, aloe vera plants (they are abundant) and shade are great for sunburns. If you have one, find out where to buy these products in town or grab a leaf from an aloe vera plant and you are set. A margarita helps if you really did yourself in. Sunscreen can be purchased on 2nd street and 10 ave at this great skin products store.

There is no request too big or too small

Our staff are here to take your requests. If they can not do it for you they will know who can. The only way to learn is to ask and they have heard it all. There is not a request at this point that they have not had and truly nothing shocks them. So ask away! They love to find solutions and are great at doing that.


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