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7 more things to do on a Sunday in Playa del Carmen

Our beach resolution for 2013 has inspired us to look beyond Playa and within Playa del Carmen for things to do on a Sunday. For us, this could be any day of the week, but Sundays are Fundays and makes it just that much better when you take a bit of time to yourself on a Sunday. We had posted

Riviera Maya is back in fashion – here’s why

The Riviera Maya seems to be back in fashion after the world did not end on December 21, 2012. Tourism is up, the media has decided that the Riviera Maya is the location destination of the decade, no kidding, and it seems that beach vacations are back in style. Did they ever go out of style? Not sure, as we

Playa del Carmen super foods for a healthy vacation!

So you made some lofty New Years Resolutions and now you are afraid to go on vacation in case you break your super food habit, and fall off the resolution wagon. Well, do we have news for you. Playa del Carmen has a host of super foods that will actually help you achieve your health goals while on vacation not

January 2013 events in Playa del Carmen

The beginning of January 2013 has been full of music and New Years Eves parties in Playa del Carmen. Now that the BPM festival is over, we are reporting on the latest events in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen for the remainder of the month. Riviera Maya events January 2013 1.January 19, 2013 and every Saturday in January!

Merry Christmas to me! Aerial view of Playa del Carmen

We had a nice Christmas present from friends in December. Due to some unfortunate events, our friends could not make their trip to Chichen Itza by plane! Yup, you got it, they were going to fly in a little puddle jumper to Chichen Itza, tour the ruins and then hop back to Playa all in about 6 hours! The morning

Beach vacations are good for your health

Family fun in Playa del Carmen – things for the kids to do

My newphews are coming down to Mexico to hang with us for 9 days, 9 whole days! As a childless family here in the Riviera Maya, things for kids to do in Playa del Carmen are not on the tip of my tongue. I did a bit of digging and a lot of reading and found a bunch of fun

Happy New Year!! Playa del Carmen was hopping New Years Eve!

Happy New Year everyone! News Years day and new Years eve was an eventful time in Playa del Carmen but we brought in the New Year on the Hotel Cielo Rooftop! This celebration had all of us away from the parties that seemed to be endless all over town and provided all of us, guests, staff and the friends, a

Vacations can boost creativity and work – Try Playa del Carmen

We are inspired each day by our business due to its location, the people we meet and the new solutions we create each and every day. It is work but our work day is never, ever the same. This changing work day never has us lose our creativity, our desire or our inspiration, but we know that not everyone is

10 thingsto do in Playa del Carmen for New Years

It is that time and New Years is coming up soon! So what are you doing for New Years?  Well the Riviera Maya is the place to be and since we have moved here, New Years has never been an issue as there are soooo many things to do and see.  There is something for everyone and we have listed

Playa del Carmen Vacations – changing perceptions and attitudes

Yes we offer hotel accomodations in Playa del Carmen but our job goes much deeper than that. Time and time again we are learning that our job is to change perceptions, change attitudes and bring a real experience to our guests so they truly understand what Mexico is, what if offers and why so many people choose to live and


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