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Newest, coolest thing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We were sitting around the other day in the restaurant, our restaurant Carboncitos, with a few guests and we were all talking about the newest coolest things in Playa del Carmen. As a growing city which Playa del Carmen is, there are new things all the time to do and try. As a group we all shared our experiences with the newest and coolest things in Playa del Carmen. We wanted to share so you are ready on your next vacation to try them out.

Newest and coolest things in Playa del Carmen as of April 2012

Wah Wah beach club – This beach club opened February 2012 and they are making a pretty big splash in the beach club scene. Sunday BBQ’s, the in-house band the Nasty Bastards, drink specials, right on the beach and oddly, right down the street from Hotel Cielo. Their large screen, the really large huge, over the top screen was popular for the Super Bowl and remains popular for sports. It is big, it is bold, its Wah Wah Beach Club and it is fun.

Beach bars in playa del carmen close to hotel Cielo
photo copyright English Stu

38th and 5th Ave –  one of the hottest spots right now in Playa del Carmen for restaurants, little bars (not clubs) and access to a great beach. There are so many restaurants to choose from, La Piola for pizza, Como Como for French/International cuisine, Luna Maya for upscale Mexican Cuisine, Seasons Bistro and the wine bar. Santa Rosa is also getting some great reviews as a small local bar that is quiet and funky. Cava 33 is pricey but has a great wine selection.It seems to be the coolest place to be if you want cool. It is nice for a night but most guests return to the hood as we call it and are thankful for 2nd street.

38th an 5th in Playa del carmen in the Riviera Maya

Cenotes Tak Be Lum and Tak Be Ha – these cenotes near Dos Ojos just past Akumal have been open for a long time but they are now open to the public, a benefit that travelers did not have previously nut now have. Tak Be Ha is good for snorkeling and has a super cool entrance, you really feel like you are cave exploring. You can hook up with the Abyss Dive Center and book a snorkel tour or dive tour with them. They have an online store so reservations are easy! These are off the beaten track and not visited by too many people so it is a great choice for a snorkel or dive.

new cenotes in playa del carmen and the riviera maya

Organic store on 40th street between 5th and 10th – It is hard to get organic products in Playa del Carmen, we are not quite there yet, but there is a little tiny store on 40th street that has everything organic and in most cases local where you can find snacks, drinks and munchies for your vacation. They are importing fresh lettuces and sprouts from the Tulum organic growers and run out fast. Their selection is small but you will find the basics with a few interesting cheeses, breads and snacks thrown in there. For take home items we recommend the organic agave syrup as it is much cheaper then what you would buy in the US and Canada.If you need organic milk, soya milk for breakfast, they have it!

Know something new and cool in Playa del Carmen?

We will continue to source out the newest and coolest things in Playa del Carmen and fill you in on the news. This is not about recommendations, though many we do recommend, it is about giving you the latest news so that you can plan to check out the new areas, the new bars and the new tours. What we want to hear about is your experience. Have any of you been to these new and cool places in Playa del Carmen. If so what was your experience like?


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