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New community tour of local Mayan communities in the Riviera Maya

A new community focused tour has popped up and we think it is super cool, super educational, local, insightful and fun. If you are looking for a local tour that gives you insight into the Mayan communities, this the tour for you! You will learn about Mayan living, Mayan families, Mayan food, Mayan natural medicine and Mayan arts. All of this information has been passed done through generations of families who live just 2.5 hours way from Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.

Ojos Mayas invites you to join their community that shares Mayan family secrets and histories

It would be pretty tough to walk into a Mayan village and strike up a conversation about how the village works and lives as a visitor. First, Mayan is their first language and very few speak Spanish so it is unlikely that stories could be exchanged easily and information shared if you did convince someone to give them a tour of their village. Ojos Mayas works with local Mayan communities to open up local villages to people who are interested. They have built a tour that runs every Saturday from Playa del Carmen that bring visitors and much needed translators together on a journey into the life of the Mayas. These tours are built to share the incredible history and contemporary life of the Mayas, an influential community that has sahped the Riviera Maya and the economies of the Yucatan. It is a great partnership that opens up this mysterious and intriguing world to visitors who want to learn first hand about this indigenous community that we read about but rarely get a first hand experience with.

What to expect on the Ojos Mayas tour

Expect history, stories, a local experience and a wonderful warming experience that will fill your heart and soul. This tour is real, it is an invitation into the lives of local people, where they live and work, it is not a re-creation of Mayan life, it is the real thing. Vans pick you up in Playa, take you to south to a village called Senor, and you are walked through the homes and work places of a Mayan village. The tours are only offered on a Saturday as the village has work to complete during the week, work that is essential to their livelihood. On Saturdays they are happy to open their homes to visitors who want to share in their stories, learn more about how they live and work and of course share in a home cooked meal. You will meet an elder of the village that has over 90 years of stories, you will roam the land with a medicine woman who explains the natural medicinal plants still used today for health and recovery, you will have a tour of the lagoon , the environmental nucleus of the village, and observe the making of agave thread, honey production and more!

Why participate in a local community tour when visiting Playa del Carmen

Local community tours give you an inside view of how communities really work and live. Playa del Carmen is large city and is supported by tourism. Villages off the beach have a rich history that has survived and thrived out of the tourism sector. Local history and the sharing of these wonderful stories of life, real life stay with you forever, and change perspectives. Who we think are the Mayans, and who the Mayas really are can only be understood through direct contact and understanding. Movies have portrayed this community one way, history books written by the Spanish, by other cultures provide their perspective of who this community is and what they do. An insiders look lets you make your own decisions about this community that has gone through a rough history but always comes out the winner in the end.

The tours through Ojos Mayas can be booked online and the entire tour reviewed on their website. The photos on this website are incredible, the tour is even better.


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