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Receive 20%+ OFF ALL YEAR LONG for our 20th!
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New amenities at Hotel Cielo – changes in Playa del Carmen

Just like the song, ch-ch-ch-changes have happened at Hotel Cielo. New amenities are in, the rooms had had a bit of an up-grade. We don’t know what we were waiting for, but the wait is over! It has been fun designing these changes and finding the exact items that we think will be appreciated and noticed. WE have thought about our guest experience seriously and we are happy with the result.

Strange Fascination – with sleep

Call us odd but we do have a strange fascination with bed sheets and towels including the sleep experience. The new cotton sheets and towels are marvelous! They are nothing found in small hotels in the area, are what you would want to climb in when you are ready for bed and our strange fascination is getting rave reviews. So maybe our strange fascination is not really that strange. Top that off with new mattresses that have pillow tops and you will want to sleep on your vacation. Read our post about the new mattresses to see what guests are saying.

Biodegradable soaps, shampoos and conditioners

We are starting our sustainable program at Hotel Cielo with the first stop being bathroom amenities. We have a local company that makes these products in the Yucatan and we are proud to be a supporter of their business. They feel great on your skin and are even better for the environment. Next step, we will let you know. Sustainable development and tourism is important to us, just look out the front door and see that glorious ocean one block away. We want to ensure the healthy preservation of our favorite playground, the ocean.

Our staff is our greatest asset

Receptionists, cleaning and maintenance, chefs, cooks and waiters, we know that our greatest asset is our staff. The receptionists continue to provide incredible service and tour suggestions to ensure your stay is exactly what you want from your vacation. They continue to research new tours, new restaurants, new places to go and see so that they are the most knowledgeable trip planners in Playa del Carmen. This was their personal commitment to change, with the Carboncitos staff looking into new recipes, new flavors and new menu items. We could not ask for more and guests are over the top thrilled with the service and suggestions they are receiving from the team.

These latest changes were carefully thought through and we will continue to review what we can do better, what we can do to provide an authentic vacation in Mexico to our guests and friends. This is not change for the sake of change, it is change that is well planned, well designed and for the benefit of everyone. Nothing was broken but now we can look at fine tuning the details to get closer to a vision and ensure we are moving with the times.

Oh did we tell you about the room decor? Come check it out for yourself and see what we have been up to. Guaranteed, you will be happy with what we have done.

Included in our changes is a new Facebook fan page. If you have not liked us yet, Like us on Facebook and we will be unveiling the benefits of our fan page to you soon!



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