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Receive 20%+ OFF ALL YEAR LONG for our 20th!
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Hotel Cielo is all about variety, vacations and value

It was important for us to honor the basis of the hotel design, unique handcrafted Mexican tile, ironwork and architectural accents to bring a Mexican feel to the hotel in a Mexican beach resort town. Few hotels remain in Playa del Carmen that continue the design tradition of Mexican architecture and classic features that make Mexico who and what it is; a colorful and proud culture that respects its roots and history.

Playa del Carmen beach vacations

Our news section brings you updates, history, information and events that happen daily in this beach town. It would be impossible to provide all of this information through the website and the rapid changes in schedules and new businesses makes it tough for even us to keep up.

Hotel Cielo News

As you are researching your hotel in Playa del Carmen, or booking your next stay with us at Hotel Cielo use our news page as a resource for the latest and greatest news in Playa del Carmen. Vacations are our specialty and we will be providing vacation ideas, old and new, to our readers. Our favorite activities will be listed for you to view and when we have changes or updates you will be the first to know about it from us!

Playa del Carmen vacation resource

We talk to so many people every day who are using our recommendations or finding new and exciting things to do that it seems we are the go to resource for your vacation. OUr guests are great at reporting their fun experiences and share their vacation stories. The Riviera Maya is a large coastal area where you could spend weeks exploring and experiencing all it has to offer. We can help you narrow down the important points of interest or review areas that would match your ideal vacation.

Hotel Cielo is fun and informative online and offline

If you like us online, then you will really like us offline, in the flesh and talking face to face! Join us at Hotel Cielo when you find yourself in Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya. Find out what vacation, value and variety truly means with us!

Check out our website to see what we do and how we plan your vacation as one of the top small hotels in Playa del Carmen.


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