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Family fun in Playa del Carmen – things for the kids to do

Beach vacations are good for your health

My newphews are coming down to Mexico to hang with us for 9 days, 9 whole days! As a childless family here in the Riviera Maya, things for kids to do in Playa del Carmen are not on the tip of my tongue. I did a bit of digging and a lot of reading and found a bunch of fun things for kids and familys to do in the Mayan Riviera and Playa del Carmen. I just may be the favorited uncle yet!

Family things to do in the Mayan Riviera Maya

Here is the list that we came up with for the three little ones.

1. Crococun Zoo – This is the crodile zoo in Puerto Morelos where kids can see first hand crodiles and the jungle in one zoo! This is a unique experience for kids that have never seen such a creature and they will find it fascinating to be able to see how these reptiles live. Dinasours are fun, but crodiles in the flesh are way cooler!

2. Xcaret – This is an easy day for families as the Xcaret park is designed exactly for this purpose, a big huge playground that focusses on water and cultural activities so kids can participate and learn at the same time. We will be skipping the night show but the butterfly farm, the river and snorkeling are a must see for everyone.

3. Beach, beach and more beach – This is the largest playground any kid has ever been to. The sand is generally enough to keep any little one busy but the waves can be just as mesmorizing as the sand. Interactive play is great for kids and being outdoors (with plenty of sunscreen) the only way to go. All the beachs in Playa are great so pick one and go!

4. Plaza las Americas Mall – We all need a break from the sun and Plaza las Americas is a great way to keep busy and have a fun family couple of hours. There is a mini carasol for the little ones, small mechanical horses, and snacks. Checko ut the frozen yogurt place for a healthier snack and check out the prices for kids clothes as you may find some great deals!

5. Parque la Cieba – across the highway on AV. 60 is a small community park that hosts a Saturday market and interactive activities for children. The activities change every week, and kids will love playing around in this jungle park that was built for them! Lunch can be purchased in the park and volunteers host great kids activities.

6. 5th Ave. Though normally for shoppers, 5th Ave seems to be a fun place for kids as they wander with parents in tow down the long pedestrian walkway for blocks and blocks and blocks! 5th Ave is closed off to cars so it is a super way to wander around, people watch and meet other families doing the same!

Thsi week will be fun and as an uncle I am really looking forward to letting my hair down and doing some activities in Playa del Carmen that I do not normally do! I am a kid at heart so this should be easy, but it is tough riding on the carasol in Plaza las Americas by yourself as a grown man. At least now I have an excuse! 🙂


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