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Receive 20%+ OFF ALL YEAR LONG for our 20th!
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Extra value and variety for Hotel Cielo guests in Playa del Carmen

Beach nearby. Check. Great beds and sheets, check. Great stories and travelers community, check. Great restaurant on site at the hotel, CHECK!

Guests love the restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Carboncitos is located on site at Hotel Cielo featuring traditional Mexican dishes for the inexperienced or experienced traveler. Some dishes are from the chefs grandmother, other dishes use Mexican ingredients in contemporary and fusion dishes. Wow! Super chido as we say in Mexico (meaning super cool). Salsas are the staple to all of the dishes, both fresh and cooked, with fish, chicken, chiles and beef. Wow, wow, wow.
Having a great restaurant and bar in the hotel has its benefits, for us and for the guests. Cold beers always await on a hot day, sometimes for us in the middle of the day….those are on the extraordinary hot days. Margaritas can be made morning, noon and night, and many people have experienced their first Mexican meal at Carboncitos. They did admit that after having a true Mexican meal, not TexMex or nachos, a real Mexican meal, they were hooked. Fresh food cooked at the moment with clean flavors and fresh ingredients.
Hotel Cielo Playa del Carmen is providing their guests with discounts from carboncitos

Changing perceptions about Mexican cuisine

The main ingredients used in Mexican cuisine is lime, cilantro (coriander), corn, tomatoes, avocados, chicken, pork, fish, shrimp onions, chilies (sweet to hot and made to order) fresh cheese and eggs. You would be amazed at the variety of dishes that can be made with these basic ingredients. Take a chicken dish for an example. This can be done with a sweet hot salsa, a chunky cold salsa, a chunky cold salsa with pineapple or mango, sauteed chicken with strips of chiles (sweet chiles) and onions, chicken marinated in sour oranges and achiote chiles (not spicy but good, good, good) and the list goes on. One switch in an ingredient can change the flavor and experience of any dish. This is why true Mexican cuisine is so good and exciting! Good bye Texmex and North American nachos! Hello fresh flavors and new food experiences.

Benefits for Hotel Cielo guests

Carboncitos offers all of our guests special discounts and seating priority when you book with us! The following discounts are for our guests only at Hotel Cielo:

  • 50% off the breakfast menu
  • 10% off the lunch and dinner menus
  • Priority seating
  • Drink specials and great staff that makes you laugh

What was your favorite meal at Carboncitos? Do you have an exclusive favorite dish or story to share? Let us know in the comments section below or join us onFacebook and share your photos!


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