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Being thankful in Playa del Carmen on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Playa del Carmen

This is the American Thanksgiving week and we like to acknowledge this holiday with our American, international and Mexican friends in Playa del Carmen. Thankful Thursday is a regular habit for us every Thursday, but thanksgiving lets us celebrate with others and share one of our traditions.

We live a great life in Playa del Carmen, and some days we forget what a wonderful life we have on the beaches of Playa del Carmen.  Taking a moment to give thanks proves to be a ‘good thing’ and builds lots of gratitude to what we do and where we live in Mexico on a daily basis.

Thank you to:

1.  The Caribbean Ocean that is there for us each and everyday, as blue as blue can be and as warm as a bathtub.  You allow us to go and check out the life that lives in the ocean and we respect the environment that you have nurtured for all the fish families that call you home.  Even on a grumpy day you are the most beautiful thing in the world!

2.  The businesses that have made Playa Del Carmen such an interesting and wonderful place to live.  We have been here for many years and have watched this little city grow. 5 years ago we could not get good wine, or clothes, and were limited in the products that we use everyday.  Today, businesses have invested into Playa Del Carmen and made life a bit more interesting while creating choices for any budget, mood, or need.

3.  Our guests and clients.  We are lucky to have such great guests at the hotel that have become our dear friends.  How great is it to be included in personal announcements when a guest has a child, has won an award, has overcome a personal milestone or just announces that they are coming to visit.  It is their faith in what we do and how we do it that makes this all worthwhile.  Our businesses, Hotel Cielo and Carboncitos, are not only a business but a way of life. Who can say that they love what they do and love going to work day in and day out.  Our days are great because of the relationships we have with our Guests!  Thank you!

4.  Our Playa friends.  This could be a long thank you, as we have many friends and many close friends.  Playa Del Carmen is a social place, it is big geographically, but small socially.  And we appreciate our friends each and every day.  This is truly a big neighbourhood and we love it!  When you are in need, the assistance is always there, when you have something to give there is always some one who could benefit from it.  These friendships keep us alive and on top of things.  It is what makes Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya a really great place to be, either as a resident or a visitor.

5.  The weather.  Ohhhh the sun, the heat and the warm breeze…this is why we are here and we seldom are failed by the weather.  Sure we get some rain but only when we need it.  The tropical gardens need their nourishment and rain is a much needed weather system here.  But all in all, the sun and warmth is what keeps us happy and tanned!

6.  Mexican Culture.  As foreigners living in another country, we appreciate the lessons that we have learned here in Mexico.  This is a different culture and daily we learn new things.  Our staff have been pivotal in teaching us these lessons and we have grown as people due to this.  We hope to continue to be the cultural gateway to those who choose Mexico as their vacation destination.

7.  Our families and our staff.  Living and working as we do can be a challenge and our greatest supporters have been our families, who accept our choice to work here and work long hours, and our staff who put up with our crazy ideas, our less than perfect spanish and the road we have chosen as business owners.  Thanks for your ongoing support and patience.

If we could give the coast of the Riviera Maya a great big hug, we would.  Thank you to all, for a great life in Mexico, in Playa Del Carmen, the Mayan Riviera and any other places that affect our daily lives.  We live in a beautiful place and we like to remind ourselves some days that we are the most fortunate people on the planet! What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday!?


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