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Beach vacations are good for your health!

Beach vacations are good for your health

Just in case you need a nudge to take those vacation days, we have compiled a list of articles that could have you running to Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya immediately!

These articles are interesting and speak to vacations being a way to help your well being.  We attest to this and encourage you to think about taking all of those vacation days that have accumulated over the years.  Vacations will actually increase your productivity and make you a better employee, a better boss and a better spouse.  For those going to school, taking a break will help you to study harder and better.  When we get tired after running the hotel and Carboncitos, as we do, we have the luxury of taking a day on the beach for our personal rejuvenation…we do know that many do not have this luxury and many of us need more than a day…

Need we say more….this first article on the 15 Reasons for taking a vacation is the best one. It speaks to our philosophy that vacations are necessary….this is a ‘thumbs up’ piece of writing.

Why vacation, like anyone needs to be told.

This article speaks to for itself.

Why Sex is better away from Home


This article shows you what is happening throughout North America. Europeans are much better at taking vacations than the North Americans are, and maybe we should learn from their habits.  We all have witnessed the benefits of drinking red wine…so why not also adopt the European philosophy of vacation…one month minimum!

Vacation Deprived

The benefits of a vacation

This is a great article but we have to disagree with the all inclusive remarks.  In our experience, all inclusives can make you more overwhelmed, and a bit uptight only because it is the mission of the all inclusive hotel to keep its guests busy…..the thought of being catered to for each meal is a nice thought, but  the over stimulation at the all-inclusives can make you a bit overwhelmed.  It is almost like you feel guilty that you are not playing bingo by the pool, going for dinner every night and doing tour after tour after tour….for us that equals stress….

Take a vacation and know that you deserve it!

PS! We want those beach chairs, they are the coolest ones we have ever seen!


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