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A hotel bed can make all the difference – Hotel Cielo

Everyone knows that a bad nights sleep is a drag. Having a bad nights sleep while on vacation, even worse. There are some things we can not control that have us up half the night, but there are some things that we can control to ensure we get our recommended nights shut eye ( 6 hours when you are working, 10 hours when on vacation!) Beds are a hotels greatest asset

As travelers we know the difference between a bed, a good bed and a great bed. The best investment any hotel can make is a great bed and pillows. Pillows are pretty personal but a great mattress will please everyone. Take your pick, would you rather have chocolates on your pillow at night and a bottle of wine in your room when you are arrive, or a great mattress. We picked great mattresses. If you want all of the above options they can be found, but for 300 USD a night at a chain hotel. What makes a great hotel mattress?

Pillow tops, firm yet comfortable, rotated, new and thick. This sums up a great mattress. And a mattress that you would buy for yourself. At one point of another the owners, staff and friends have stayed at Hotel Cielo. Their comments have been, what a great nights sleep. Why? Because the mattresses are great! not just good but great! Guest Testimonials

Here are some comments on Tripadvisor from guests who have slept on the mattresses on Hotel Cielo. “Love, love, love this place… Its so close to the beach, the rooms are clean and the beds are extremely comfortable.” “The beds and pillows were the best we experienced while touring the Riviera and the hotel is only a rock’s through away. The staff was very friendly and the room well priced. We got more then our money’s worth. ” “The beds are the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in while in Playa Del Carmen, where at these smaller hotels it is common to find beds as hard as stone.” ” I have slept on my share of crappy beds on Mexico…And to me if the bed is crappy and you don’t sleep good, nothing else matters. These beds are AWESOME. Pillow top…wish I had one at home. No exaggeration, the best bed I have ever slept on.” Want to read more about the amenties at Hotel Cielo in Playa del Carmen. Have a look at our rooms page and see what other surprises await!!

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