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7 things to do on a rainy day in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

playa del carmen rainy days what to do in Playa del carmen when it rains

It is true, we have rainy days in Mexico.  Though it seems a sucky day when it rains, it really is a great day as you can do other things than go to the beach, or walk around.  Playa Del Carmen has fun things indoors, but considering that most people want to be outside, very few know about these indoor things to do. Switch your beach umbrellas for a land umbrella and start enjoying Playa del Carmen in a different way!

What to do on a rainy day in Playa del Carmen

1.  Go to the movies.  There are two movie theatres, in Centro Maya and Plaza Las Americas.  For non Spanish speakers, it is a perfect way to spend the day.  English movies are in English with Spanish subtitles so it is like being at home.  The popcorn is great, the movies are recent hits and it is a great way to hide from the rain. Movie theatres have deals just like home, so ask about matinee special prices or Tuesday evening Playa movie deals.

2.  Go shopping in the local malls.  Mexico has some great deals all the time…we wont tell you about our 12 USD dresses and pants we can get…but I think the cat is now out of the bag.  5th ave is not that fun in the rain but the malls are perfect. You can choose from Centro Maya, Plaza las Americas, or the spanking brand new Liverpool store that also has its own restaurant.

3.  Sleep.  If you are on vacation why not sit in your hotel room and sleep. When was the last time you could actually sleep all day and catch up on your zzzz’s without feeling guilty about not cleaning, repairing or doing something in the house.  There is nothing for you to fix, or do at the hotel so spend the day dreaming and relaxing..what a treat.

4.  Get all your Christmas or birthday shopping done online  Wow an entire day to surf and buy and then have everything shipped in time for the holidays or birthdays!

5.  Go to the ruins.  Pack an extra set of clothes and go to the ruins when no one will be there.  How great to have one of the archaeological sites to yourself.  with umbrella in hand, you can feel like a local and explore the ruins the natural way. The Mayas lived in the rain too so you can see it from a different perspective!

6.  Check out the Grocery stores.  Grocery stores are a cultural tour in and of themselves so go to Chedraui, Soriana or Mega and see what residents have for local groceries.  You can tell a lot about a society from their grocery stores….and you may find some great food as well!

7.  Have a long brunch.  A three hour brunch with coffee, chatting, a book or the newspaper.  There are over 700 eateries in Playa Del Carmen to choose from.  Not only is the food decadent but the time to eat leisurely and just relax is even better..Carboncitos has a great day long breakfast and remember, Hotel Cielo guests get 50% of their breakfast!

Raining days are gifts and get you thinking about your vacation differently.  Take advantage of these days and do something different….!  Rarely does it last all day and rarely are you stuck somewhere without anything to do…rain is fun, it is just provides different opportunities…and a different perspective of Playa del Carmen!

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