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7 reasons to love Carboncitos – Playa del Carmen restaurants

Our guests continue to tell us that they love Carboncitos. Visitors to Playa del Carmen also love Carboncitos. Our staff love and adore where they work and making Mexican food each and everyday with a few American favorites thrown in there for good measure.

If you have not been to Carboncitos let us give you 7 reasons to try and love Carboncitos, our restaurant in Hotel Cielo on 4th street in Playa del Carmen. Whether you stay with us, are on a day trip and want to venture to a downtown easy to find Mexican restaurant, Carboncitos is the place! And here is why.

7 reasons to like Carboncitos Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

1. The staff. We could not make Carboncitos what it is today without the innovation and thoughtfulness of our staff. They are the masterminds behind Carboncitos with a little help from us and they really want you to enjoy Mexican food. They are informative, sensitive to many people’s attempt at Mexican food and for those who love Mexican food, they will ensure that your experience is a great one at Carboncitos.

2. Diversity – diversity in flavors, recipes, ingredients and presentation. There are some core ingredients to Mexican food and the kitchen knows how to create and innovate with the basic ingredients used in Mexican food. They are smart and love to use local ingredients for their dishes.

3. Freshness – Mexican food is fresh food. With a history of little to no refrigeration or electricity, Mexican food is fresh food, picked that day and eaten right away. Carboncitos has refrigerators (it is 2012 right) but we still believe in fresh. It is hard to break a tradition and we are sticking to the freshness of Mexican food.

4. Trying is believing – we have created some great samplers so you can try lots of different items to round out your Mexican dining experience. We work on the assumption that you only have one day to try Mexican food so why not make many little dishes available for you to try and decide what you like.

5. Great cocktails – dinner or lunch on vacation would not be complete without a cocktail. You don’t have to work in the morning (yeah!) so why not try some local drinks and great margaritas.

6. Affordable – Carboncitos is fun, laid back and inexpensive. If you are looking for an upscale meal this is not the place. We are like a bistro, a neighborhood restaurant, a place that you could dine regularly, a local favorite. We take our food seriously but our atmosphere is chill, friendly and affordable day in and day out. Think comfort, think consistent, think….a second home.

7. Experience – We want people to come and have a Mexican food experience. We are converts, and love Mexican cuisine. Our intention is to get you to see, taste and enjoy what we love about Mexican food. We are sensitive to palates so if you are new to Mexican food we will take is slow, if you are convert yourself, let the staff know and they will recommend some great creations of the kitchen.

There is something for everyone at Carboncitos

We are a Mexican inspired restaurant but there is something for everyone! Try something new, try something you know and try something that you have a curiosity about. This is what food and Carboncitos is all about! An experience, a journey, a surprise and a long tradition that we want to carry on. Join Carboncitos on Facebook and learn more about Mexican food, our love for Mexican food and guests favorites!


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